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Established in 2010,V interiors is a interior design and decor, Passionate about Creativity and execution of residence and Commercial Purpose. In our drive to deliver innovative and Practical Solution to our clients.We utilize our 12 years experience in interior design our strength lies in our Passion for creativity,bringing unique elements to both modern and traditional designs.

We aim to ensure that our Staff and customers enjoy the service our strategy is a composition of our corporate philosophy and our motto of providing high quality design. To always consume the customer satisfaction and long term relationships.

To Provide large living in Small Spaces.
To Provide innovation solution to clients requirements.

Material Description

1)18 mm thick BWR ply laminated both side by white colour (Half white)in 0.8mm and PVC edge banding. in 0.4 mm.and doors in membring finish on mdf.

2)18 mm thick BWR ply laminated both side by white colour(Half white)in 0.8mm and PVC edge 0.4 mm and doors in Premium membring finishor post- -form on mdf.

3)18 mm thick BWR ply laminated both side by white colour (Half white) in 0.8 mm and PVC edge 0.4 mm and doors in Laminate finish on BWR ply with Normal finish.

4)18 mm thick BWR ply laminated both side by white or beach colour in 0.8mm and 0.4 mm edge banding and doors in Laminate by premium high glossymicca with 2mm PVC edge banding.

5)18 mm thick BWR ply laminated both side in white colour in 0.8mm and PVC edge banding and doors in Acrylic Finish.

Plumbing And Eelding / Accessories

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is a contemporary concept of kitchen which comprises of drawers, Cabinets and Shelves. Organized in a manner that saves up on a lot of space. V Interiors helps you to achieve a clutter free design which also utilizes the give space in a smart manner. We also provide our high quality service in lower price in the market.

Wardrobe Designs

As a Same manner. We decor your bedroom with taller Cabinets for your Storage of clothes and accessories, which includes of drawers and mirror,you can use two solid colours to create pleasing combinations. Experts at V interiors Can help you discover the perfect models for your wardrobes.

TV Units & Book Selves

Today a TV unit is an essential Piece of furniture in any home. In V interiors,Various styles ranging from elegant and classical to minimal, TV units today serve a bigger purpose than just housing your TV. It can also be used to store other items live books.and decor articles. V interiors provide a perfect design for your living room space.

Pooja Units

Pooja unit in a Standalone wooden cubicle is easily doable and can be made to fit in any available space. The space for this unit can be carried out from your living room by clearly satisfying the rules of spatial orientation.

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